Maid English - Latino

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Géneros: Drama

Maid ( Las cosas por limpiar)


It tells us the story of a single mother who, escaping from an abusive relationship, manages to start domestic work. As she struggles to build a better future for herself and her daughter, she has to deal with severe financial and psychological problems. (It is important to mention that the story we see on the screen is part of the real experiences of the author Stephanie Land, and that it has Margot Robbie as the producer of the series).

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Temporada 1
1 Imagen Stomp the Yard: Ritmo salvaje Episodio 12021
2 Imagen El Código Da Vinci Episodio 22021
3 Imagen Cargando… Episodio 32021
4 Imagen El Código Da Vinci Episodio 42021
5 Imagen el-codigo-da-vinci-10756-poster.jpg Episodio 52021
6 Imagen el-codigo-da-vinci-10756-backdrop.jpg Episodio 62021
7 Imagen el-codigo-da-vinci-10756-poster.jpg Episodio 72021
8 Imagen el-codigo-da-vinci-10756-backdrop.jpg Episodio 82021
9 Imagen Apache: La vida de Carlos Tevez Episodio 92021
10 Imagen Cargando… Episodio 102021